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    Can't turn on the cable box


      I use Comcast cable and have a Motorola RNG200R box. I can't see any of the channels while connected trhu a HDMI cable, so what I did was the following:

      1. Left the HDMI connection from the cable box to the TV (only from the cable box to the tv, no other connections to the tv)

      2. Additionally connected the cable box to the slingbox via component cables (only fronm the cable box to the slingbox, no other connections to or from the slingbox).


      Now I can see the tv thru the HDMI connection and I can see tv online with the slingbox thru the component connection, but only if the cable box is on.

      I can't turn the box on or off remotely...


      Is there anything I can do???

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          I don't think you should be able to see any of your content without the cable box on. You shouldn't expect to be able to.

          The slingbox has an IRC built into its front. It should be able to turn on your cable box remotely. I just got mine this Saturday so I'm hardly an expert but it does turn on my cable box for me and it is kind of neat. Some people say you have to point the sling box at the cable box, but mine are just sitting next to each other. Sometimes the slingbox seems to turn on the cable box when I launch the application (which is what I would expect it to do) but I've also just pulled up the onscreen remote and pressed the power button.