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    Error w211


      Good evening, I have setup my slingbox on my home network with Internet viewing all set up correct but my cousin in Spain keeps getting the error code w211 I have reset sling and re setup a few times with no joy still same problem?

      Any ideas would be great I have great upload speed so don't think that's the problem.

      Many thanks


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          MaryKessler Newbie

          Hello krr4,


          That's an interesting issue. It sounds like it may be your internet viewing is not configured properly or need to set up a port forward through your router.  We can fix this simply by going to setup.slingbox.com and selecting set up Internet viewing. If your Internet viewing or port forward is already set up completely then it could be the Internet speed on your cousin's end in Spain. I would recommend taking a look at the link below about port forwarding and Internet speed:



          I hope this is helpful!


          Thank you,

          The Sling Moderation Team

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              Thanks for your reply , all is well on my end the port 5001 is open and an IP address is reserved for slingbox and linked to open port

              On page with all the info about slingbox it says I am setup for Internet viewing, so maybe my cousins end? What download speed would he need his end?



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                I get the W211 code whenever I try and connect using WiFi. No problem with SlingPlayer on laptop or Android using Verizon 3G or 4G modems. I've tried setting up new profile using IP address and Port values from original profile data but no success. What next?