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    Slinging in Japan


      I have just moved to Japan and have a Slingbox in Toronto. Works perfectly well on my Mac. Then I purchased a Slingcatcher and hooked it up to a Slinglink Turbo (purchased in US). First two issues that I can't figure out.

      1. I have a new 'universal' Sony TV model KLV-40BX400. Upon entering the setup phase I can't seem to get past the "Resolution" section. The TV Resolution is 1,920 pixels (horizontal) and 1,080 lines (vertical). I am using the component cable which supports 1080i (HDMI ports already used) but I enter this or the 1080i/50Hz options and the same screen continues to come up.

      2. I can't get the network to show up on the Slingcatcher. I purchase the US Slinglink Turbo to suit Japanese power source. Could this be the problem.


      Any help would be appreciated. Japanese television is pretty light on English!