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    Can't change Pro-HD input

    dispencer Novice

      When watching a Pro-HD using 'watch'  accidentally changed the input from coax to composite.  Now in 'watch' I can't change it back to coax (I only have coax connected to the SB) -- I get a message that the SB is not set up.


      Tried to go into setup to change the input, but my admin password is not being accepted -- I know I am using the correct password (and yes, I have checked caps lock).


      Any ideas on what is going on?

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          dispencer Novice

          Solved the problem after trying every known password, admin and user, associated wuth this particular SB.  Somehow, the admin password was changed to the user password that was set up under a guest account.  I am pretty sure that I did not make the change and am at a total loss as to how this happened.  Weird


          Anyway, all now back to normal, but i would be interested to know how this could happen.

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              I also use the pro-hd and am unable to change input. I used to be able to change the input in any browser, but now no browsers offer me a way to change between coax and composite. It looks like an update to the plugin did away with the option. Seems real basic.

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                  I'm having this problem too. I need to be able to switch between component and s-video.


                  Its simple to change input on my iOS devices but the only way I've found to change it via a web browser is to re-setup the box. That is very, very painful.


                  Am I missing something?