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    IE remote works, Chrome only partial

    tjbinno Newbie

      Not a major problem but here's the background:


      Quite a while ago, I could only use IE as my browser to watch on newwatch.slingbox.com (I think it was the only one available at the time).  It works great, having the correct Tivo premiere remote WITH working ABCD buttons.


      My preferred browser is Chrome.  So today decided to try watching newwatch.slingbox.com in Chrome.  After chrome installation, it connects correctly but shows an incorrect Tivo remote that only has SOME working buttons....ie for sure the Tivo button doesn't work.  Also I use keyboard shortcuts normally (in IE they work with no remote showing).  None of the keyboard commands work in Chrome.


      So how do I get the Chrome browser remote working like the IE, so I can ditch IE.



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          alanrichey42 Master

          As far as I know the browsers use a common location for the image (SPR) files.  So if you see a different image in IE to the one in Chrome then the system must have downloaded 2 different ones.


          The location is C:\Users\..<you>..\AppData\Sling Media\WebSlingPlayer\Remotes\  so have a look in there (you will need to enable 'View Hidden Files & Folders).   If there are 2 TIVOxx.SPR files then one is correct and one is wrong.  I would delete them both then start the WebSlingPlayer and let it download the remote image.  Then have a look in that location to see the name of the correct one.   Now start it in Chrome and see if it downloads a different (incorrect) SPR file.   If it does then you will know the problem.


          What you could then try is to take a copy of the 'good' SPR file, rename it and then overwrite the 'bad' SPR file.   Then make it read-only so that Chrome doesn't overwrite it.   Be interested to know if that works, but no guarantees  


          If it does all work you need to report the bug to the moderators so they can pass it on.

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              tjbinno Newbie

              Saw they had at least three .SPR files.  Made a backup of entire remote folder, ran a few tests to try to determine which one it was using.  But then deleted all contents, ran Chrome and it downloaded two .SPR files and it now works and shows the correct Tivo remote WITH the ABCD buttons.


              Turns out the correct one was labeled TiVoGloPremium.spr


              Thanks for the quick answer.Problem solved and I'm back on Chrome totally while on the road.