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    Can't setup with Tivo HD and 8 yr old rear projection tv


      I have a Toshiba model 50H12 Widescreen rear projection tv with no HDMI input. My tv supports 480i, 480p, & 1080i, but not 720p. I normally connect my Tivo to the tv with component cables and the red/white audio cables. I have been unsuccessful connecting the Slingbox 500 between the two. I hooked up Tivo component outputs to Slingbox inputs, and the Slingbox outputs to my hd component inputs on the tv - same thing with the red/white audio cables. Plugged in the Slingbox, got the logo on my screen for a few seconds - then a blank screen. The network light on the Slingbox flashed five times then nothing, though my Linksys network can see the Slingbox.


      I've got nothing. I tried using the remote to get to setup, even changed the batteries - nothing. I thought I might have bad cables, so I tried all new cables even replacing Slingbox's cables - still nothing. Slingbox tech support walked me through the whole setup procedure, but nothing worked. They sent me a replacement Slingbox - hooked it all up and, again, got nothing. Someone suggested I run my dvd player into the Slingbox inputs and see if anything comes out the outputs to my tv - nothing. I've tried different inputs on my tv, even tried the composite yellow video cable from the Slingbox - nothing.


      Is it possible my old tv is not compatible with a Slingbox? Could the Slingbox be ouputting it's signal in 720p which my tv doesn't support? I don't have a newer tv to try it with. I really want this to work, but I'm stumped. Help, please.