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    No Audio on Different Cable Box


      Hello; I have searched the forum extensively and tried several things but can't get the audio to do anything.


      I have a slingbox pro (classic)

      I had it hooked up to my old cable box, a motorola DCT700 and it worked fine

      I took it to the other TV which has a motorola DCH3416 (Digital + DVR) and there was no sound.


      - I tried using component cables (3 different sets)

      - I tried two different coax cables

      - I tried plugging the component audio cables into the audio inputs next to the s-video (just to try something else)


      I tried accessing via web on two computers and an ipad as well as through the slingbox software on my desktop.  The TV was still hooked up to the HDMI cable so when I hooked up the TV to the slingbox to pass through the signal via component cables the video came through there but no audio so I guess this is telling me that the sound is not getting from the cable box to the slingbox.


      Lastly I took it back to the old tv and tried that cable box again to make sure it didn't get fried or die during transfer and the old one worked fine again.


      Any thoughts?  I would be willing to go to comcast and try a new box but that is a huge hassle so I wanted to see if there was any other advice before I try this.