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    Pro-HD continuously loses network connection.

    burnside Newbie

      Hi,  I constantly get the following alert from my SlingPlayer:


      "There was a problem communicating with the Slingbox. Try connecting again"


      I can get things back up and running by simply going to the Pro-HD and unplugging it then plugging it back in. This happens every day though


      Here's the error code I get: Advanced users: the error code is 0x8007274d.]


      Even now I see the device on my network, the network light is on and not blinking on the Pro-HD, yet I get that error.  I know if I unplug the Pro-HD right now and plug it in again it will work, but I've been doing this every day.  Any ideas what is going on?



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          I also have been having problem keeping a connection to my SlingBox Pro and often see it drop the connection.

          In addition I find my Slingbox Pro is unreachable and the only think which corrects the problem is powering off and on the Slingbox..

          The bandwidth on both ends are very fast and the router is properly port forwerded.

          I have had the box for 3 years now without a problem, but the past week had been horrible,

          I even went through the Slingbox set up again and made sure Interternet viewing was properly working on port 5001.

          Is there another port I should try.

          These connection problems happen on my Android Samsung Galazy S II app, my iPhone 5 Slingplayer app, and when directly viewing my Slingbox using a computer, (both web browser and Slingplayer PC program).

          I also own a Slingplayer and that is pretty much useless as there is no built in buffer like the PC Slingplayer software.

          I cave Comcast cable / Internet at home and have a digital modem with 1 port issued by Comcast. I use a Belkin modem for all my Internet connection and the only problem I have is with the Slingbox Pro.

          The Slingbox Pro is seen in my Belkin router in the DHCP attached devices menu of my router.

          It also shows port 5001 opened as well, on both Slingbox and the router.


          I wish someone has an answer ?

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              burnside Newbie

              Couldn't have said it better myself Howard.  That is the same exact issue I am having off all my devices.  It's crazy that on the iPhone I get the error and one of the possible solutions they give is to unplug your Slingbox then wait for 10 seconds before plugging it in.  That sounds like they are confessing that there is an issue with the device itself.  Just sounds fishy.


              I've had my Pro-HD for almost 3 years as well.  This issue started happening in the past month or two, coincidentaly with the arrival of the new Slingbox 500 and Slingbox 350.


              I'm hoping someone can help solve this issue.  When I'm at home, unplugging and plugging the Slingbox in is annoying enough.  On the road, the Slingbox is now useless since it loses the connection.