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    Low streaming bitrate because slingplayer connects thu remote network instead of home network?


      My Slingbox 500, Tivo Premiere and the WD TV Player are connected to an internet router via ethernet cables.  The WD TV Player is hooked up to a TV in another room.  The streaming on the WD TV was great (HD quality around 4000 kbps) few days ago but yesterday the streaming was reduced to the lowest video quality (basic quality around 500 kbps), much like if I were to stream remotely away from home.  So it seems like the slingplayer on my WD TV somehow does not connect within the home network (high speed at fast bitrate), but instead I think it connects outside of the home network (slower speed due to low upload rate).  And yes, I rebooted everything and no improvement.  Does anybody have any reccomendation on how to resolve this issue?  Thanks in advance.