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    Really frustrated with SlingBox


      There are threads on this forum about the issue of 'dim network light and SlingBox won't connect', but I have to say I have finally had enough.


      I have been a massive fan of SlingBox for many years and have enjoyed many hours of viewing while travelling around the world. However, the last 2 or 3 Solos I have had have literally lasted around 18 months and then the above problem occurs.


      This then means I am pushed to the paid support option in order to get some kind of resolution. This takes sooooo long that eventually I have just bought a nwe Solo and moved on...


      However, on this occasion, I cannot bring myself to go and buy another box for it to last less than 2 years again. This problem has been identified, is predictable, but as far as I can see, not rectified.


      If there is anyone out there from SlingBox, or someone who knows different, please let me know before I go and buy a Belkin @TV.


      Apologies for the rant...