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    Router Connection


      My slingbox will not connect to the my router.  I have connected different items(i.e. xbox, PS3) in the same port with the same wire and they work fine.  Do these slingboxes stop working after a period of time?

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          MaryKessler Newbie

          Hello SirBuggs,


          I'm sorry to hear your having trouble connecting to your Slingbox.  It could be a firewall or a networking issue.  I would like to ask a few questions to be able to better assist you:


          • Do you have your Slingbox connected directly to your router?
          • Do you have a solid power and network light on your Slingbox?
          • Have you changed Internet providers or routers?


          I would recommend taking a look at the link below about not able to connect to your Slingbox.



          I hope this helps!


          Have a great day!

          The Sling Moderation Team