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    Controling the on demand


      with the sling box can you access the on demand feature. I have no purchased this product yet because I want to make sure it will perform like I want it to.I have a cabin and also need to know if I was to use the sling box at my cabin and my son was at home can we both be watching different shows

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          Hey bigdsmomma,


          Thanks for using our Answers Forum.  I'll be more than happy to answer the questions that you have regarding the Slingbox.  With the Slingbox, you have access to everything on your cable box that you would have access to if you were sitting right in front of your TV remote in hand.


          Whichever cablebox you have the Slingbox connected to, the Slingbox controls.  Meaning, the person at the house would have to watch what the person remotely is watching with the Slingbox.  If you have more than one TV, I would connect the Slingbox to a cablebox that is not the main TV.  I have mine connected to my cablebox in my bedroom since no one is in there during the day.


          Hope this helps & feel free to contact us again with any further questions you may have.




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