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    How do I set up my software in Canada if my PVR is already hooked up in Scotland?


      I live in Toronto, Canada and recently bought a Slingbox Solo. I bought it to watch the World Cup at work and am happy with the results of my tests so far. My cousin recently moved here from Scotland and doesn't like the tv programming we have to offer in Canada. So I was thinking I would get my Uncle in Scotland to hook up a Slingbox Solo to his PVR over there and my cousin could watch the programming from Scotland. Is it possible for my uncle to buy a Slingbox Solo in Scotland and for me to go through the procedure of downloading the Slingbox software on to my PC in Canada? Or would I have to get the PC to Scotland in order to recognize the IP address related to my Uncle's place and then ship it back?


      If anyone can help me out with this I...and my cousin...would appreciate it! Cheers!