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    Slingbox 500 Set-up


      My cable provider is currently Charter and in my house I have three (3) HD Receivers - the main HD DVR receiver in my main family room and two (2) other HD receivers in bedrooms on which I can watch regular TV as well as DVR'd content which has been recorded on the main DVR. If I was to hookup a slingbox 500 to an HD receiver in one of the bedrooms can I still watch TV on the other two receivers while also streaming to my ipad from the third receiver, to which the slingbox 500 is connected?


      Hope that question makes sense. My concern is limiting other TV watchers in the house to whatever is being streamed via the slingbox. If that's the case, I'm not that interested. But if because I have multiple receivers, the receivers to which the slingbox is not connceted are able to watch TV as normal while streaming on the third one, then I'm definitely interested.


      Can anyone help to explain?


      Many thanks.