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    New Firmware 01.01.192

    mrslingbox Newbie

      My Slingbox 500 updated to firmware 01.01.192 last night. Am I the only one that would like to know what's changed from the previous firmware version? Especially since some 500 "features" happen to be vaporware (like support for video content in MyMedia). While a lot of people may not care about new firmware "change log" some of us do. What's all the secrecy? What's the point of hiding the changes or fixes? I for one would like to see more transparency regarding know issues and what a new firmware release addresses. How about the rest of you guys and gals?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          We would all like it but I am afraid that as far as I can remember Sling have never issued any sort of Release Notes for Firmware.  The best you might see is a post at the "What's New".  That is where they announced the update to the browser plugin.  https://community.sling.com/community/whats-new/blog/2012/12/03/watch-on-slingboxcom-updated.  


          But to be fair, I think you will find they do quite a bit of BETA testing.  In the good old days they had a good team and the leader of BETA team even used to have a blog where she would keep everyone up-to-date on what was being tested, timescales and other good stuff.  But she left after the Echostar takeover and I haven't seen any public announcements since.  But I assume it still must go on behind the 'corporate firewall'

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            My Sling Box 500 has been stuck since last night trying to update the firmware. It does not seem to ever complete, now nothing works and I can't even see the setup screen on my TV. This is my second Sling Box product and I will never buy another. I bought the newest version since the older model never worked reliably. This one had been better, until this firmware update (or lack there of)

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              We try to broadcast all of our release notes across the entire Sling ecosystem here:


              What's New


              That's always going to be the best place to check for:

              • Release notes
              • New features
              • New remote controls added to the database
              • Bad puns, etc.



              The Sling Support Team

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                  mrslingbox Newbie

                  My idea of what "all of our release notes" actually are or should be, is apparently different as to what we are seeing over at "What's New."

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                      OvCollyer Apprentice



                      A bullet point list of what you've changed please, Dana.


                      Hide it away from the main 'release notes' if you are afraid of overwhelming people, but at least make it accessible somewhere to people who are interested or wanting to track the progress of issues they are having.


                      This doesn't have to be a Sherlock Holmes mystery.

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                    has anyone been locked up on the firmware update process?  I installed my slingplayer 500 and went through the auto setup. After updating the box is stuck on the next screen that says to press the "next" button on the remote.  I tried the remote that comes with the box as well as going to the internet and signing in and trying to complete the setup that way.  It works until it asks me for the remote.  I input the Comcast DCH4314 and it tells me it can't connect and I get a W211 error (also a w215 once).  I have tried reset 4-5 times but nothing works.  Can't get on my windows 7 phone either.  When the remote section is working, it displays the av from my tv tuner, but the remote never shows up.  I have tried Comcast remote, Motorola remote.  All matching the same model, but none of them works.  Any ideas?

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                      mrslingbox Newbie

                      Since I first posted this back on 12/12/12, my Singbox 500 has received a number of "updates." In fact My Info says that the last updated received was 3/25/13. However, my software version still says 01.01.192. It begs the question as to what the heck is getting updated and why is the version number not changing??? And, if the box is "really" getting updated, why the heck is there no information at Support > What's New???