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    A few questions - thinking about buying


      Hi all,


      I like the look of the SlingBox HD Pro. I have a few questions to which I could not find answers in my searches:


      1. Does it stream 720p/1080i/1080p? I know it accepts these sources but is the streamed output available in any of thse formats and what are the bitrates? I saw posts on a competitor forum that said it could not.

      2. Can two (or more) clients watch the output (from the same input source) at different resolutions/bit rates at the same time?

      3. Is there a virtual tuner that can be installed so that Windows Media Center can watch the stream? I am using Win7.

      4. If the answer to Q3 is yes, is the IR blaster configurable from within Media Center, for instance, so that a channel change by mouse in 7MC causes a channel change on the STB?

      5. Is there a client (or plans for a client) for the iPhone or Android OS's?

      6. Is there a version with a DVB-T tuner for Australia?

      7. Is there a comprehensive manual that can be downloaded?



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          I believe the PRO-HD outputs 720p/1080i on the HD connection (component cable). It does NOT output 1080p; it doesn't even have an HDMI connection, just component.

          Only ONE client can watch the output stream at any given time

          There is a client for the iPhone; I believe the client for Android is currently in development and will be out soon


          I can't answer the other questions, but hopefully someone else will jump in and give you more.