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    Watching slingbox DVR remotely and get blank screen


      I was watching a show on slingbox DVR on my macbook pro and paused for a minute and when I returned and clicked play, it took me out of DVR and went back to live TV. I clicked on DVR, found my show and clicked play again and it just shows a black screen. I have tried clicking on other shows I DVR'd and none of them play. I tried pulling it up on my i-pad and i-phone and it does the same thing. I can watch live TV and I can get to the guide to set shows to record. The only thing I cannot do is watch a recorded show. Anyone have this problem ?

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          keith.sling Apprentice

          Hello 2010mcd,


          Thanks for using our forums! I'm sorry to hear you're having this issue. Are you able to view your recorded shows on your tv at home without a problem? Because it sounds like it could be an issue with your cable box itself, but if it is strictly an issue with the Slingbox streaming the content, I would advise trying a reset of the Slingbox. This will ensure that the Slingbox is up to date with the latest firmware.


          Here is a link with instructions on resetting your Slingbox:



          Hope this helps!



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