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    3g/4g data usage for one hour(sq)


      i recently have obtained a demo of the sling service at the website. americantv2go.  pretty much you sign up , and they give u about an hour long demo session of live tv(direct tv) over slingplayer.they use. they give u a username and pw for slingplayer, so you can connect and check out how the slingplayer works, which i did . i found it to be pretty cool.  After about an hour and lets say 20min or so, i exited and checked how much data was used for my demo. ( i watched over 4g) also 3g for some of the time, both where good quality. I kept the slingplayer on sq quality the entire demo. to my surprise one hour and 20min of streaming used 1.68GB of data which i was shocked at.


      I had researched the data usage of slingplayer for those who watched over 3g/4g on there android or apple iphone, and 90 percent of the time users

      posted it would use about 200-300MB per hour ABOUT for sq OR LESS. Mine is using 10 times that from this demo from americantv2go.


      I need straight answers on why its using so much data, if this is normal, etc, before i consider purchasing my own slingbox 500 and hooking it up at my home


      I have a 10GB cap on my android dataplan, I need to know how much i can stream over 3g/4g/, and also if there is any setting i can use when setting up the slingbox <when i get it> so it doesnt rape my data that quick while still maintaining watchable quality video.


      1.68 GB over 1.3 hours is just rediculous. Please help/