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    Is it possible to receive a refund?


      I purchased the SlingPlayer for iPad app today thinking that it would work because I owned a Slingbox Solo. Now seeing that it doesn't work, upon closer inspection, the colors on my Slingbox are different and I see now that it is an AV model. Can I delete the app from the iPad and receive a refund for my purchase because it does not work? I purchased it at the half-price offering of $14.99. I am not looking to spend the big bucks on a new Slingbox at this point and would appreciate a refund for the app.

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          Hello bmitchelf,


          I'm sorry to hear your Slingbox is not currently compatible with your SlingPlayer for iPad application. In regards to your question about the refund for $14.99, you would need to contact Apple due to the SlingPlayer application is purchased through Apple's app store. The best contact number for Apple Support is 1-800-275-2273.


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