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    Slingbox Solo onscreen remote keyboard shortcuts



      I connect to a Slingbox Solo and have a Logitech Revolution Bluetooth keyboard and mouse in the living room where the TV is.  The computer is in another room.  I would prefer to use the keyboard more than the mouse and I wonder if there is a list of keyboard shortcuts.  I'm particularily interested in a shortcut for the OK button.



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          millermmail Newbie

          Number keys = numbers

          Space = Enter/OK/Select (at least for my Verizon Motorola set top box)

          CTRL+L = jump to last channel

          SHIFT+> (greater than symbol on the period key) = SlingPlayer volume up

          SHIFT+< (less than symbol on the comma key) = SlingPlayer volume down

          ALT+SHIFT+L = Letterbox 16:9 crop

          ALT+SHIFT+N = Normal 4:3

          ALT+SHIFT+A = Anamorphic

          ALT+ENTER = Full Screen Toggle

          ALT+. (period) = SlingBar on right


          I'm sure there's documentation for more but that's what I know off the top of my head and use relatively often.

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            ArizonaSackbut Apprentice

            Hi Sluce,



            If you leave the mouse pointer parked over the on-screen remote's buttons, a tooltip should pop up that gives you the keyboard equivalent.


            If you're not seeing that using the Web Player, it works in the full SlingPlayer app.


            Most of the keyboard equivalents work in the Web Player and the full SlingPlayer.



            Hope this helps,


            - Az