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    code w200


      i have recently set up a slingbox pro in the uk and have travelled abroad, i connected fine and watched 2 hours or so of tv having connected on and off numerous times and all worked fine, then the last time the picture froze and when i re loaded came up with code w200. obviously im still abroad so can anything be done thanks

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          Hello lomracer,


          I'm sorry to hear about your connection issues. When the Code W200 shows up that means that there is an error connecting to your Slingbox. Here is a link for more information on the error codes.



          But in the mean time, I'd like to ask some questions to narrow down the possible causes:


          • What device(s) are you trying to access your Slingbox on? (i.e. PC, iPad, Android Tablet)

          • Does this happen when trying to access your Slingbox on a WiFi connection or a 3G\4G connection on a mobile device, if applicable?

          • How do you have your Slingbox connected to your router back at home? (i.e. Ethernet cable, powerline adapters, wireless bridge)


          Answering these questions would greatly help us out in identifying your exact issue and provide more info for effective troubleshooting.



            The Sling Media Moderation Team