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    Why would I want to upgrade to the new Slingbox?


      I have a Slingbox Solo and the Cisco Explorer 8300HDC with Time Warner. This DVR has selective output control (SOC) that shuts off all other output sources (S-video, RGB) when the HDMI is in use. Because of this, I use component cables to connect the DVR to my TV and S-video to connect it to the Slingbox.


      Now comes the new Slingbox with HDMI connections. As I understand, it is recommended to use the component cable connection as a backup connection due to HDCP issues. But if I use the HDMI, the component connections are rendered useless. Therefore, I still cannot use the HDMI on the new Slingbox.


      Am I missing something? Does the new slingbox have better video quality even though I am using the same old connections?