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    iPhone buffering issue


      I am operating slingplayer on an iPhone 4s.Dedicated wireless tests at 9+ Mbps download and 13+ Mbps upload. Picture buffers every 3 seconds on the iPhone. When viewing on MacBook Pro, quality is great on the same wireless network. I am very frustrated to not have AirPlay option. Anyone have an explanation for the inconsistency? Thanks.

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          schindt Newbie

          Yet another known issue that Sling is unable to fix... Having the same on my iPhone4, iPhone4s and iPhone5.

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            Hello baldi05,


            Thank you for reaching out to us about our buffering issue! This sounds like your network configuration may not be optimized for your mobile devices. In order to be absolutely sure, I'd like to ask you a few more questions:


            • Which Slingbox are we working with today?
            • Do you recall what the results of your Internet Viewing test was during the initial setup of your Slingbox? ("Internet Viewing Incomplete", "Internet Viewing Almost Complete", "Ready for Internet Viewing")
            • Do you recall ever having to perform a port forward on your router for your Slingbox?
            • Are the buffering issues happening on your iPhone while connected to WiFi or just on your 3G\4G connection?


            These questions will get us closer to a resolution for you. Here is a link for some basic troubleshooting you can try.



            Hope this will help you out!


            Best Regards,

              The Sling Moderation Team