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    Full screen not working for Pro-HD


      Hello everyone-

        This is my first post, so I hope it is in the right place.


      We have a Pro-HD Slingbox set up in the States and we live in Europe.  It works great all the time, however, we have never been able to get it to come in full screen on our TV, there is about a 4 inch black space around the whole viewing area.  We have tried using different settings but we can't figure it out.  My wife and I both have MacBook Pros and we now use an Apple Mini for the Internet / Sling Box on our TV.  It works great, but no full screen.


      The strange part about it is, we have friends here who have Slingbox as well and they have the exact same TV as us, they run it through their HP Laptop and they can get full screen with no problems.  They were over at our place last night and we logged into their Slingbox account on our Apple Mini and TV and their account came in full screen on our TV!  No clue how that happened..


      Does the Slingbox unit itself have settings that we would have to adjust from the States?


      Are their settings that we are overlooking??


      Any help is GREATLY appreciated


      Thanks !