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    Selecting the best terrestrial channels


      When tuning to terrestrial channels, the slingbox pro-hd automatically selects a channel which is associated with a number. For example 1 = BBC1, 2 = BBC2, etc.

      My problem is the signal it chooses is not the best/strongest and is not the one which I would normally use.

      BBC1 is all blocky and breaks up a lot, also I get "East Midlands Today" rather than my normal "Look East".

      Normally I would manually choose which signal is associated with each channel number manually to ensure that I get the best picture.

      Is there any way of changing the setup of the terrestrial tuner?


      By the way, it's a shame that something that calls itself HD can't pick up terrestrial HD TV, but I guess the tech inside the slingbox is a bit old.