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    Green screen can't be HDCP ... ?

    LimeyUK Newbie

      I have a Slingbox 500 in the UK (and a 350) ... neither work properly.


      I have attached both to an HD Freesat box.


      After watching video for abour 3-5 seconds, the screen goes GREEN. 


      Originally I thought this was HDCP acting up so I changed to composite where I get a perfectly good video.




      I do not even get the TV guide or anything, not even menu.


      The TV Guide and the menus are not broadcaster controlled.  So why would they be HDCP "forbidden"?


      I thought it might be aspect ratio or resolution issues but everything I try, I still get the green screen.


      If I disconnect, then reconnect (or change inputs) I get video again for the same 3-5 seconds.