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    Weak signal in iPad


      I have been able to set up the 350 Sling Box using my desk top Windows PC. I could not do that using the iPad Sling player. Now I can connect to the Sling box also from my iPad, I can see the Time Warner  TV Controller and the directory, but I cannot see any channel. A message says the the signal is weak or non existent. It cannot be the WIFI conection because I am able to stream channels from the Time Warner App and from Netflix. Can you explain what is the problem and what I can do to this hopefully last problem? Thank you

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          Nver mind. Now misteriously my iPad  can receive one channel from Time Warner, but only channel 1. I cannot change channnels with any of the tools, the pad, the controller or the guide. I need to decide soon if want to keep the Slingbox or return it to Sling Media. Please help me to overcome this problem. thank you.