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    Help need slingbox BIN for Medion P24017 (aka: MD28009)

    slingmerobert Newbie

      Sadly I am at a complete loss on how to get this relatively new device to be recognized by my SlingBox. I checked all the files as AlanC recommended.

      I literally tried ever single medion file that is listed with teh SlingBox set up. I tried to find a clone of the medion to try a different vendors bin file. no luck.


      The medion MD28009 is an ugrade on the earlier 28008, but no luck with any files for that.


      Here is the funny thing, Logitech harmony recognizes the 28xxx series so I was hoping the good people at Sling can somehow find a similar database entry!


      any and all help is greatly appreciated


      PS : yes I also searched JP1...no luck


      medion is owned by lenovo but its impossible to say who is the actually producer of this receiver!


      Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions


      (sure wish there was a 'learning remote' mechnisim available with SlingBox as there used to be..or am I missing something?)