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    No slingbox appears in my sling account


      I purchased a 350 sling box, I connected the box to the Internet modem and to my TV box according to directions. The network light is steady and the power light is blinking slowly.

      I went to slingbox.com/getstarted from my IPad connected to the same network as the slingbox. I was told to purchase sling viewer. I did it. Then I opened the viewer and I got a message that there is no slingbox in my account. I tried to add the sling box to my account and I was asked for the slingbox id. I searched for slingbox I'd and I was told that when I open the viewer the id will be shown in the first page. It seems the I am in a loop. What shall I do

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          Hello Mapac,


          Sorry to hear about your issues with setup! I believe there is some confusion here, this link will explain the lights on your Slingbox and what it means when they are blinking, on or off.

          If it is the network light that is blinking then we should start down the road for network troubleshooting in which I would like to ask a question and address one of your concerns to help out the troubleshooting process:


          • Do you have the Slingbox connected to the modem provided by your Internet service provider or do you have the Slingbox connected to your router? Or is it a modem\router combo that was given to you by your service provider?

          • The setup process will not work if the Slingbox is connected to your modem, your router is actually what assigns the Slingbox it's IP address so it can be found on the network. Which is what would cause the network light to blink. Here is a link that will help you out with basic blinking network light troubleshooting:


          • As for the Slingbox ID, you will not be able to find that information until you have initially set up the Slingbox and the Slingbox has been assigned an ID. So at this point the Slingbox ID isn't a concern.


          Once you can get a solid network light you should be able to go to watch.slingbox.com and the site will automatically start to walk you through the online setup process so you can begin watching!


          I hope this information helps you out! Of course if you would like to speak to a Support Professional directly, just follow the link below:



            The Sling Moderation Team