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    Installing plugin in Windows 8


      Watch my SOLO on my W8 PC.  I go through the plug-in install, but it asks me to close IE.  I close it, and it tells me it is running.  I go to the task manager and close it there, but it still tells me that IE is running.  How do I install the the plugin?

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          craig.sling Novice

          Hello 255110450042413,


          Thank you for contacting us here on the answer forum. I see that you are having a problem getting the Slingbox to install the plug in. The reason that the plug is not install is because Windows 8 has IE running on both desktop and tile mode. I will put the steps on how to fix this below.


          • Hit contorl,alt,delete
          • Pull up the task manager
          • Go to process
          • Close all process named iexplorer.exe
          • Try to reinstall the app


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