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    Just got SlingBox PRO HD - high CPU usage!


      So, I had a SlingBox Pro and still have it.

      I just bought and installed SlingBox-Pro-HD so I can use it on my WinRT surface but also WinPho 7.5+


      All configured - nicely done and improved SlingBox!


      Problem: when connecting using the slingplayer application on my Windows 7/WS2008R2 computer (yes, even on Win7), the CPU usage is 43-50%! But this was not the case with the SlingBox device but only happened after changing the devices to Slingbox-Pro HD


      any ideas why?! This is really... not good. spent £150 UK GBP on this.... and obviously high CPU = CPU fans whirring alot and also slowing down the system if I was multitasking in addition to battery being drained if I were using my laptop to view my TV