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    Set up a Slingbox


      Hi. I am having trouble setting up a legacy slingbox. I could set it under the directory that shows "Slingbox Unconfigured and Launch Setup" When I click on Launch Setup it just shows "Loading settings" and seems to just stuck there and would not load anything.


      This slingbox was working but I have moved it to a different location. I had reset it by holding the reset button down over 10 seconds.




        • Re: Set up a Slingbox

          Hello divpsm,


          I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with setting up your Slingbox! I'd like to ask you a few questions to help you our further:


          • Are you trying to run through setup from the Desktop application?

          • Exactly which Legacy Slingbox are you trying to configure?

          • Have you attempted running through setup from Setup.slingbox.com?


          And to clarify about resetting the Slingbox, you actually have to hold down the reset button for a full 30 seconds for a factory reset to your Slingbox. Answering these questions will really help us out in resolving your issue in a timely manner.



            The Sling Media Moderation Team