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    multiple players



      I have four slingboxes all setup with individual accounts plus one admin account.  Each slingbox has its own public IP with a NAT to an interal IP.  I have configured in accounts.sling.com each account to see one of the slingboxes only except for the admin account that can see all four players.  However despite this when I log in to one of the accounts (not admin) using watch.slingbox.com or use my slingcatcher I still see all four boxes on each account.  How is this?  I dont want each account knowing there are other slingboxes?  How do I configure it so that each account only sees the slingbox that is set in accounts?




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          Hello steve,


          So, if I understand you correctly, you have five seperate accounts with five different emails? If that is the case, then what you will want to do is set all the Slingboxes up on the main (admin) account. Then you will need to create a guest password for each Slingbox, and just add the one Slingbox you want on each individual account to the Slingbox directory w/ the guest password, within your account profile page, one at a time. Does that make sense?


          Here is an article from our support page that should help with your endeavor:



          Hope that helps!



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