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    Slingplayer App on Boxee Box not Recognizing my Slingboxes on LAN.


      Just recently my Slingboxes are not showing as being available locally on the Slingplayer App on my Boxee Box.  The Slingbox directory on the Boxee box shows the slingboxes as only being "Remote".  This is causing me to not being able to stream in HD to the Boxxe Box on my home network.  The best quality is can get is "Good".


      I have a slingbox solo and Slingbox Pro HD on my home network and both are only showing up in the directory as being Remote.  This happens even when all of the devices are wired directly to my router.  My router is a combo modem-router with Wifi from ATT U-verse.  I do not have any other modem/router on my home network.


      On the Watch Slingbox webplayer both slingboxes show as being available on LAN and I can stream in HD to the webplayer from the pro HD at a bit rate of over 8000 kbps on Wifi.


      I have tried resetting/unplugging everything under the sun to try and get my Boxee Box to recognize my slingboxes on the LAN, but to no avail.  This support help is really my last resort.


      Please help.