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    Using SlingPlayer App for Kindle Fire HD Using Dish...


      I just purchased the SlingPlayer app for my KFHD. I have a Dish "Hopper" DVR and receiver and a Slingbox Pro HD.


      Although I can connect to the Hopper, I see its "screen saver" that says, "Press SELECT to watch TV."


      No matter what I do on the Kindle, I cannot effect that command. I thought I'd found the answer when I discovered a "Send Select Command at Start" in the apps Settings. That is exactly what I thought I needed. But, sadly, even selecting that option does effect a "Select" command.


      Everything worked perfectly with Comcast, but with Dish, it appears that I need to buy their Sling Adaptor, which I have ordered. The good news is that I can sell my Slingbox for more than it will cost me to buy the adaptor.


      Any suggestions on how to get that "Select" command to work will be appreciated.


      Bob C