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    Turning off WDTV Live while using Sling Player pauses cable box.

    telekaster Newbie

      I just posted this in the wdc forum as well. Does anybody else find this odd?


      Last night I set up a brand new WDTV Live with my kitchen TV. The firmware was updated to the latest and I'm very happy that Sling Player works very well. Since this is in my kitchen, I'm most interested in the Sling Player over the other features of the WDTV Live.  I basically want to treat it as a normal "live" TV.


      I have HDMI CEC "on" so that the WDTV Live remote also powers the TV on/off automatically. That works nicely. The simpler, the better! I have a Logitech Harmony 200 on order to eliminate having two remotes in the kitchen.


      However, if I am using the Sling Player and decide to turn it off (using the power button on the WDTV Live remote), it sends a "stop" command to the cable box which effectively pauses the cable box from which I'm streaming. Then I hear a "what did you do?!" from my wife in the other room who was watching the main TV (with the cable box).


      My questions are:

           ·          Why does it have to send a "stop" command to the cable box when I shut the WDTV off?

           ·         Can't it just disconnect from the Slingbox like the iPhone and iPad apps do? It's slightly annoying to have to "unpause" the cable box in another               room after I shut the WDTV Live off.

           ·         Is there a way I can prevent this from happening?

           ·         Can I suggest that this is changed in a firmware update? If so, where can I direct my requet?




      I suppose I can work it with a macro once my universal remote comes in, but are there any other ideas? Thank you!