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    New Slingplayer for Windows platforms Win7/8


      Hello everyone,


      This question is for Slingbox management and the software development team.


      You have been releasing the apps for apple products, which I own, and have been using them for a while now.


      The slingplayer program for windows, the desktop version has been outdated, and is no longer usable with your latest products (ex Slingbox 500).


      Will you be releasing another (IBM compatible/Windows 7+) version slingplayer program that will support your latest products?


      You have apps for apple products, your web interface for watching, but no support for the latest products in Windows platform.


      The Windows Desktop version of Slingplayer is very helpful for the following reasons:

      *You can make it borderless!!

      *You can set it to always be on top, and on the side of the screen, while working/surfing and enjoying TV as well. Set on top is a great feature.


      The web interface lacks these features and is very cumbersome to use. Not everyone at all times have 3 huge monitors on their desks, so one can be used for TV watching. If you can make the web interface to become borderless and set always on top, with great usable ergonomics, please do so.



      I ask the management to advise me if they'll introduce the new slingplayer program for their latest products? I am stuck between upgrading from SLINGBOX PRO to either PRO-HD OR 500. Due to lack of support for slingplayer, the slingbox 500 does not look attractive to me. Please let me know if in the near future you plan to create and sell such a new player? If so, I will wait and buy Slingplayer 500.


      Thank you for your time.