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    SB500 cabling

    scott710 Newbie

      Using the SB 500 Quick Start Guide I am able to connect properly to an HD source using either HDMI or component cabling.  I understand that component cabling is preferred.  However, Recommendations are to connect HDMI also.  When I try to add the HDMI per the instructions, I am unable to connect using HDMI during the setup for the HDMI.  When I setup beginning with HDMI cabling (which then connects) and try to add component cables I cannot connect with component cables during setup.


      Understand that I am able to enjoy my SB 500 thoroughly in every aspect.  But the 'Recommened' HDMI setup not connecting is puzzling. Is the addition of an HDMI cable just a 'pass through'?   Should I leave the HDMI in place, not connected in setup?

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          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Hi scott710,


          We have an article that might help clarify your HMDI setup. Essentially, the best solution is to set them up "linked".


          Here's a link that walks you through it: Why is your HDMI disabled in Watch on Slingbox.com?


          Hope this helps!



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              scott710 Newbie

              Thanks Matt.  Though I don't get an 'associated' message, I do get a chain links icon next to the HDMI icon.  Presumably, the icon carries the same meaning.  However, connecting in this mode is only possible with audio.  SB Setup window says 'NoVideo Signal' on either connection after HDMI cables are installed.  Removing the HDMI cables and re-Setting up restores my component connection properly.  Perhaps there is an issue with my cable box not being exactly what I am able to select (I chose Scientific Atlanta - Explorer 8300HD but I actually have and Explorer 8300HDC).


              I'm happy with the results.  However I'm wondering why it is recommended to have HDMI also when it won't work by itself or together with component cables.  IOW, component cables are the only configuration that works for audio and video, on my hardware anyway.

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                  daugustus5150 Newbie

                  Hello Scott,


                  Thanks for using our Answers Forum! We're glad to hear your happy with the Slingbox and it's working for you now. I know of an article that explains what is happening with the HDMI and why it won't show you any video signal.


                  Using an HDMI video source with the Slingbox 500


                  We wrote the Quick start guide the way we did in the event that your Set Top Box is not equipped with HDCP or SOC, both of which the article above will explain in detail.


                  Hope this helps,

                  The Slingbox Moderation Team