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    Picture not full screen after last update (How can I downgrade?)


      After installing the latest Sling software for my Galaxy Note 2 Phone and connecting to my SlingBox Pro HD, a message came up saying the firmware in the SlingBox HD Pro had to be updated.  The original firmware was 2.1.80 (11/6/2010).  After the update it was 2.1.370.  How can I downgrade back to the older firmware?  The picture will not fill the sceen Using the AllShare Cast with the Galaxy Note 2 after the update.  It worked perfectly before the update and still woks perfectly on my other SlingBox Pro HD that has not been updated.  The update also caused the CPU usage to go from 25% to 100% making the computer very sluggish.


      Please tell me how I can downgrade back to the 2.1.80 version of the firmware.


      Thank You,


      Jim K.