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    Sound YES video NO


      I have sound on  all 3 media (mobile, window 7 nd windows8) but no video.

      What's wong???



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          Matt.Sling Apprentice

          Hello Bruin,

          What type of Slingbox do you have? I ask because if you are using an HDMI connection (on a Slingbox 500) this could be an HDCP issue.


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              I have it working now on both laptops and Samsung Tab 10.1 however not on my mobile Google Galaxy Nexus. I have sound, but a frozen video.

              I tried everything, new installation, reset Slingbox but nothing works. Maybe you can help me??



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              I am experiencing this as well.  I am using composite video to my new 500.


              Here's the mystery:


              Toshiba laptop - win7 - IE 9 gives sound only, no video.

              Same laptop - Firefox - all works ok  (I have a different issue that I'll post in a different area)


              Compaq desktop - win7 - IE 9 works properly - as does Firefox & Chrome.


              Both machines have the identical antivirus/firewall (Zone Alarm) both are kept up with current security, et.al. patches.


              Haven't tried full screen on the Toshiba in IE 9 as someone on a MAC indicated it might work (this forum)