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    Slingbox Solo not responding to MENU from SlingCatcher


      Hi-- I just upgraded from an original Slingbox to a Solo, and I am using SlingCatcher to view a Humax 9300 recorder.  The Solo is not responding at all to the MENU button on the SlingCatcher remote.  The red light blinks on the SlingCatcher to acknowledge the signal, but the word MENU is not displayed and the Humax 9300 does nothing.  Other commands from the SlingCatcher work fine, and everything (including MENU) works on SlingPlayer.  It also seems that the colored buttons on the SlingCatcher remote are no longer assigned the functions they had on the old Slingbox.  Is there any other way to execute the MENU command so the Slingbox will acknowledge it?  Or is there some other solution?  Thank you.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I suspect this has nothing to do with the Slingcatcher.  I think what has happened is that when you installled the Humax 9300 on your new Solo it has installed a slightly different remote binary into the Slingbox.  And it uses a different code for the Menu (Sling have a history of using the setup code instead of the Menu code)


          Nothing we can do about the built-in remote, but try installing this Custom Remote and see if it is better  Humax PVR9300T  If not I can teweak it to your requirements.