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    slingbox pro-hd firmware update


      hello people. right now i have  firmware 2.1.352 on my slingbox pro-hd, this slingbox i bought  completely new 2 weeks ago, i found out that this firmware have issues  with the slingplayer app for ipad and that i needed to update the  firmware to 2.1.370 but i have issues with this, it just wont let me  update, even though ive had the slingbox reset two times. so basically  im stuck on 2.1.352, anybody have an idea what to do or how i can  contact the administrators to help me, all help would be appreciated. im  using the slingbox in denmark. thanks.


      ´update´  I want to add that ive had the slingbox reset 3 times, tried on  different pc´s with different browsers, tried directly connecting the  slingbox and the pc to the router, still no luck. I´m all out of options  so if someone can help i´ll be very happy.

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          Hello cihado,


          I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with updating your firmware. Thank you for being detailed in your post about the troubleshooting steps you attempted to resolve this issue. If you have reset the Slingbox on more than one occasion and the firmware update is not kicking in, I would recommend contacting us for further assistance. I have provided our Contact link below:



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