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    Poor audio quality -- SlingPlayer for iPad -- Sling PLEASE respond


      I have been a loyal and happy Slingbox user for six years -- since the first Slingbox Classic -- and I've never complained until now.


      The audio quality on the SlingPlayer for iPad is really bad.  Inexcusably bad, especially since the video quality keeps improving with each update.


      I'm using a Slingbox Solo with the latest firmware (2.1.270) and the latest iPad app (ver. 2.0).  Sling support, please don't bother telling me to check my settings, firmware, or signal strength, or reset my box, because I continue to get beautiful video and magnificent audio on both my desktop (laptop) and on an old Windows Mobile phone (a TouchPro II) that I've been using for years.


      I just got my iPad a few months ago, and although I was thrilled to be able to use SlingPlayer on it and was very satisfied with the video quality, I immediately noticed the following:

      1.  When video quality is set to AUTO or HQ, the audio is harsh, compressed, and contains a great deal of relics and noise, especially during spoken dialogue.  At best, spoken dialogue is accompanied by a tinny, tinkling noise echo in the background; at worst it sounds like one of those crime show vocal tracks that has been distorted to disguise the identity of someone in the Witness Protection Program.  Unbearable to listen to, and it makes the beautiful video in AUTO or HQ useless.

      2.  When video quality is set to SQ, the audio quality is much better, but still not as good as what has been available with older versions of Slingplayer for other devices (such as Windows Mobile).  In SQ the audio is a disappointment if you've been used to one of those, but at least it can be listened to without pain.  Instead of the tinkling echo during dialogue, there is a general low hiss (which can be minimized with volume control), and there is still obvious audio compression, but it is not as bad.


      Although I see that there are several old threads on this issue, none of which received a serious response from Sling, I don't understand why there haven't been more complaints about it recently.  I guess the crisis with AUTO/HQ video being disabled (after the introduction of iO6 and before the release of the new firmware) distracted most of your clientele, and I suppose that if you haven't had the experience of SlingPlayer with really great audio on other devices to compare, the mediocre audio that you get on the iPad, with relatively good video, seems OK -- or at least getting good video seems more important.  But for those of us who use Slingplayer, with headphones, at the gym or when traveling, audio is just as important as video, if not more so.


      I'm not a technical person, but from reading other threads it seems that this problem could be rectified by the proper codecs in the Slingplayer iOS apps.  Please, Sling, do us the courtesy of letting us know if this audio codecs correction will be included in the next update of Slingplayer for iPad (and iPhone).  Your only response so far has been to remove the audio quality controls entirely from the latest version of the iOS apps.  Please at least respond and let us know that you understand the problem.  Thank you.