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    Cannot connect to slingbox outside of home network using FIOS Wifi


      My Slingbox is connected to my home network (using Timewarner cable) and is working fine.  I can access it inside and outside of my home network (wifi, 3G, LTE) on my iphone/ipad/computer without any problems ...until now. 


      I am currently at my inlaws house (outside of my home network) who have Verizon FIOS internet.  My computer (macbook) is connected to their network via wifi connection.  I get 12mb down and 4mb up when I do a speed test.  When I go to the slingbox website to watch my slingbox, it connects fine.  Then a few seconds later the circle starts churning and I get the following message


      "Your Slingbox has been disconnected because of poor internet connection.  Try connecting again (Code: W202)"


      This is not possible since I am getting 12mb down and 4mb up, so I know the internet connection is good.  I also know my connection at home is good since I can watch the slingbox on my iphone on the LTE network with no problems.  I can also hotspot my computer to use my iphones LTE network and watch slingbox via the computer.  Why won't this work with verizon FIOS wifi?


      Again, my home network where the Slingbox is located is NOT on the FIOS network, I am just trying to access it externally from a FIOS network.