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    350 vs SOLO


      Ive recently upgraded from a SOLO.  I had it for almost 5 years.  Setup my new 350 today.  I'm less than thrilled.  There are 2 main issues:


      A) Slingplayer app for PC does not work with 350.  Why?  I'm not a huge fan of logging into the site every single time I want to watch my slingbox.  Slingplayer for SOLO was so much more convenient.  It memorized my information, and with a double click and about 10 sec I'm watching TV.  I hate the layout of the website slingplayer, and having to zoom in and out manually.  Lets be real its a downgrade.


      B) Somehow, I don't know how, SOLO looks better in standard definition than the 350.  I thought I was just seeing things at first when I was watching on my phone.  Maybe the 3G connection wasn't working well, but its the same 3G connection I was using before with SOLO.  Then I try my computer and it looks worse on there too.


      Guys, I spent good money to upgrade.  Nothing has been upgraded.  All I got was the capability for HD streaming, and unless you have God-like internet, well good luck streaming in HD.  You can't run anything else while trying to stream in HD.  I actually wish I would have just purchased another SOLO.

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          My solo actually burned up due to a electrical burning smell, and stopped working.


          I took it back to bestbuy, I had them price match the solo off amazon at the time which was a $100.

          Bestbuy gave me a 350 in place of it, I was pretty excited until i got home.


          Turned around and sold it to a friend for $140

          Purchased a Slingbox 300-200 Pro HD off ebay for $120 and have never been happier.


          This just makes little sense to me.  The solo had 2 audio inputs, the 350 has only 1, so it has to be shared across two devices.

          The Legacy player for windows / osx made it extremely convinent, just clicking 1 shortcut, and getting the job done.

          You can't import 3rd party developed remote files, which means theres a lot less avalibility for devices, etc.


          Sling, by changing these features, you encourage the sales and price increases of your older devices.  It really doesnt make sense.

          Perhaps the 350/500 may not be better now, and will be in the future, I just dont see it.