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    no video signal


      I don't have any vidéo signal on the tv. I've check the  connections 5 times that not it. When I go thru the setup process I can see on the small window when i sellect my pvr  (a Samsung smt-c8340 not on your list) the tv playing. I can control the pvr just fine (using another samsung remote) but when i push on live tv no vidéo signal.So  what the problem ? By the  way i can look and control the slingbox on my Samsung s3 or my nexus 7 tablet  just fine, i just can't watch tv on the actual tv !!!

      Please help.

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          I've forgot to mention i have a slingbox 500 and i've connected  the components connection like you sugested your  vidéo.

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            I have a similar problem.  I connected my Component video/audio as directed in the quickquide (basically putting the S500 between the set top box and the TV), but I get no video on the TV. My Ipad, and computer can all watch tv fine via the Slingbox.


            Just to be sure, I've reveresed the cable connections as they were in the beginning and I see TV again.  I've gone back and forth several times, but still no video with the SlingBox 500 in the middle.


            My setup:

            Comast Component Video/Audio Out  ->  Slingbox 500 Component A/V In -> Slingbox 500 Component A/V Out -> TV Component A/V IN


            I've never been able to see video on the TV through the Slingbox and had to complete the installation from my PC.

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                The solution I came up with  is to have the hdmi out from my pvr direct to the hdmi in of my tv like I had befoe buying the slingbox.Then the component out of the pvr to component in of the slingbox. Now my home tv work as well as the sling player of my samsung s3 and the same for my nexus 7 tablet.Hopw that help you out also.Thank's for your reply.

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                  I was wrong about my setup: I forgot the video switch.  When it was not working it was setup as:

                  Comcast Component Video/Audio Out -> Slingbox 500 Component A/V In -> Slingbox 500 Component A/V Out -> Pioneer VSX 56 Txi Component Input 2 --> Pioneer VSX 56 Txi Component Monitor Out --> TV Component A/V In


                  To get it working, I switched where the Sling box is, and moved it as the last device feeding the TV.  The downside of this is if someone changes the Input on the Pioneer VSX 56TXi to say the XBOX or Wii, that is the signal my Slingbox sends.  Need more time to see if I can't sling the Pioneer VSX 56TXi remote so I can control over all my attached devices.


                  Anyway, current workaround setup is:

                  Comcast Component Video/Audio Out -> Pioneer VSX 56 Txi Component Input 2 --> Pioneer VSX 56 Txi Component Monitor Out -->Slingbox 500 Component A/V In ->Slingbox 500 Component A/V Out -> TV Component A/V In


                  The TV video was grey when it was configured with setup 1.  Anyone with experience with the Pioneer VSX TXi have any suggestions?  Due to the physical setup, I cannot use HDMI.



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                  keith.sling Apprentice

                  Hello spy and chonsp07,


                  Thanks for participating in our online forum community! I understand that you're having an issue getting video on your tv when using the Slingbox. I have encountered this issue before and it sounds like you may just need our HDMI extender for the 500 to remedy this video pass through issue. I would recommend giving us a call at 1877 GO SLING.



                  Hope this helps!



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