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    Recommendation for the best connected device?




      I just purchased the Slingbox 500, and I am now looking at a connected device to use from a remote location. I do not care much about other functionality for that device, I do not expect to use many other streaming services nor watch local content. I find it very hard to find reviews on the Boxee, WD or Logitech that are specific to the quality of the Slingbox player mode.


      I also see that the Boxee Box will be discontinued, and there are lots of critics over the new Boxee device. Also, I wish to have something always connected to my TV at the remote location, I do not want to always have to connect my PC or iPad to the TV to watch the channels from my Slingbox...


      Anyone can recommend a good Slingbox player that I will be satisfied with? I am sure they are not equal...


      Thanks in advance.

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          Vifa84 Newbie

          I've had the SB300 connected to a boxee box through slingplayer ver1.3 and it worked very well on the Best setting.

          I upgraded to the SB500 and the playback is very choppy, freezes all of the time on any of the settings.

          Maybe the SB500 works well on google TV, I don't know

          So that's my 2 cents

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            My answer to your question depends on how you'd like to use the connected device.  Many people stream with them within their house or cross-town at most.  In that situation, and assuming sufficient bandwidth, the performance can be very good.  If you want to stream between states or have a connection with any latency problems, most of the connected devices I'm aware of are basically useless. 


            Unless the Slingplayer for a given device can use UDP (aka SNATT), then you will experience pretty bad performance over distance.  I bought a Boxee Box thinking it would be a good client for streaming between LA and Seattle.  WRONG...  The Boxee client will only work with TCP and the latency between these cities crippled playback.  Note, at the LA end I'm working with a 50Mbps FIOS connection and in Seattle, it is a 20Mbps Comcast cable.  Accordingly, the quality of the connection (in terms of dropped packets etc) is near perfect, and the latency is as good as can be expected.  Playback via TCP was horrible.  I also tried Slingplayer on the iphone and android phones with the same problem.


            The only solution was to use a dedicated PC to use the browser-based Slingplayer (i.e. newwatch.slingbox.com ), and disable port forwarding of TCP at the Slingbox end.  That forced the connection to SNATT, and I can stream 6 to 7 Mbps which results in a nice quality HD stream.  I can get the full 8Mbps cross-town in LA, so I'm not sure why I can't get that between Seattle and LA considering that latency should be a non-factor.  But oh well, it is what it is, and the HD quality is fine. 


            Bottom line: make sure whatever device you are contemplating can stream UDP (aka SNATT).  There aren't many.  My advice: get a cheap laptop.

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                tcaradonna Novice

                "If you want to stream between states or have a connection with any  latency problems, most of the connected devices I'm aware of are  basically useless."


                This has not been my experience: I stream accross >6000 miles (Tokyo to Chicago) and I've played with almost every "connected device" box there is: slingcatcher, boxeebox, wdtv and sony googletv.  The connection has never been the problem with any of the boxes.  I stream at highest quality (I think 1080i from Japan).


                I'm surprised you have the issues you are, but I think distance is not your problem.  Once on the internet (past the ISP on both ends) the rest is on the backbone, which is doubtful to be the pipeline's bottleneck.  Something else is going on.  And yes, you must be on TCP for "connected devices" and I believe mobile apps as well.

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                From my experience


                I have wdtv, sony gtv, and hisense pulse.


                The faster and better quality is the wdtv but still i get 10-15 sec delay while changing channels.


                On google tv changing channels are faster for me but quality is worse than the wdtv.