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    Directory problems


      I have a "ghost" entry in my directory which I cannot delete. I phoned tech support tonight and they can see the problem but cannot figure out how to correct it and advised me to post it here.


      I have one Slingbox, a "Solo". I have given it the name "My Slingbox". On my iPhone and on my iPad the directory shows two entries: "My Slingbox" (it works) and "Slingbox Solo" (does not work). Based on other entries in support forums, I deleted both apps and re-instaled them, with no change in the problem.


      If I log in to my account via the web, and click on my account name, and select "Slingbox Directory", I see only the one correct entry "My Slingbox".


      If I log in to my account on the web, and use "WATCH", I see only the one correct entry "My Slingbox".


      But if I click on the word "SUPPORT" at the top of the screen (not selecting a drop-down entry), I see window headed "My Slingbox Info", showing two slingboxes. The top one is the correct one, with the name "Slingbox Solo" under the image and correct entries for all items to the right, such as Name (My Slingbox), IP addresses, etc. Below this is a greyed out image with "Model Unknown" under it. The entries to the right are all blank except for "Slingbox Name" (Slingbox Solo), "Slingbox Software Version" (2.1.270), and "Setup Complete" (Yes).


      Apparently, this imcomplete entry causes the erroneous entry in the directories on my iOS devices.


      Since telephone support was unable to delete this "ghost entry", how can this problem be solved?


      Bill Halberstadt

      Newark, DE