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    no audio or video


      Slingbox Pro-HD... I was watching on my Mac Pro, which is a wireless connection to the router about 20 feet away when I used the on screen remote to change to one of the HD channels.  The screen just went all lines like it does when the signal is too weak to be picke up, so I went to change it back to the channel I was watching which is not HD... nothing...no pic or no audio.... all I have now is a black rectangle and a remote graphic....by the way the remote still works and I can change channels on the tv with it.... so, I have checked all cables... and they seem fine and they should be because no one was playing with the cables when I lost the audio and visual....I've restarted the router and modem... both seem fine and I have internet access....I have not reset the slingbox - a lilttle aprehensive about doing this....if anyone has had this problem,  I would appreciate some help... I'm not a tech kind of guy and in fact have only worked up the courage to try to fix it ater 5 days of hoping it would fix itself....

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          Hello donofdubai,


          Thank you for reaching out to us on the forums! I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble viewing the Slingbox. I have some further questions for you, so I am able to assist you better with getting a resolution:


          • Are you able to see the channel information when changing the channels?
          • How are you connected with the Slingbox? (i.e. Component, Compostie etc)
          • Have you tried accessing the Slingbox from any other component? (Another PC/MAC, Mobile Device etc)
          • Are you getting the channels fine on the TV? (If a TV is connected)


          Thank you,

            The Sling Moderation Team

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              Your Questions:

              Are you able to see the channel information when changing channels?

                   Not on my computer, but I can see the information on my TV screen ie: when i use the graphic remote on my computer and press 'guide' the guide info pops up on the tv screen but I still only have a black rectangular screen on my computer screen....everyting I do with the graphic remote shows up on the tv screen.....


              How are you connected with the Slingbox?

                   I have three computers that are connected to the Slingbox.   First, my Mac Book Pro is connected wirelessly to the router about 20 feet away....

              Secondly, this computer I'm typing on (my PC) is hard wired to the router which goes to the slingbox...  And, my iPad is also connected wirelessly to the router.  I really don't think the problem is with my connections as the connections have not changed from the time when the slingbox was working perfectly ... and I've checked them all to make sure none came loose....I was watching my slingbox at my office desk on my Mac book pro and used the graphic remote to change from channel 68 (the business news channel in Canada which is not an HD channel) to channel 220 (CNN high definition channel).  when the channel changed the image on my Mac Book changed to verticle jagged colored lines and I could not receive a picture.(this always happens with my iPad if I'm too far away from the router, but was the first time it happened with my Mac Book Pro which is really close to the router - 20ft - and now my Mac Book Pro is saying it is not getting a video signal....when I got the jagged lines,  I tried to change back to channel 68 and my screen went black... I've not been able to get a picture since....maybe I pressed a wrong button or something or maybe I need to reset the slingbox....but all the wires are just the same as when the whole thing stopped workiing...so, I think the wiring is fine....


              Have you tried accessing the slingbox from any other component (another PC, etc)?

                    Yes, all three computers listed above and all result in the same thing... I see my remote graphic on the screen and the rectangle where I should see a picture... but it is completetley black...no pic... 



              Are you getting the channels fine on the TV?

                       Yes, the tv is working fine....


              One more note:  When I first got the slingbox about a year ago I couldn't get a picture after I set it up but I could get audio... I called for technical assistance and the technician I talked to took over my slingbox and was surprised to see that he could see a picture coming from my slingbox... so he gave control back to me and voila'.... I could see a pic... don't know what he did., and I don't think he knwos what he did either..but it worked....then while I was in Mexico for two months (Jan and Feb) I had all kinds of trouble accessing my slingbox.... I would get the can't connect signal... my buddy would come over to my house here in Williams Lake and turn on the computer and slingbox would work and then I would be able to pick it up again in Mexico...but this story repeated many times over the two months I was there... but as soon as I got home, I was able to use slingbox without any interruptions all the way from April thru to last week, and the problem I now have....