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    Garage Set-up


      I recently built a garage gym, which I have a TV and was wanting to set up a sling box in order to watch tv in the gym.  I had a couple of general questions I was hoping someone might be able to help with.


      1) Will a Sling box work with an AV receiver or does it need to be connected directly to the TV? (this is for my living room set-up)


      2) What media device would you suggest using for the sling player for my garage set-up. (boxee tv, logitec revue or wd media device).  I'm not very familiar with the differences and curious if if there is a preference.


      3) If I am watching tv in my garage through sling player, will my wife be able to watch a different channel in the living room, since we only have one cable box? Stated differently.... Using slingbox, can different tv's throughout my house (each tv having a media device ex. Boxee tv) be watching different live tv channels, even though everything is coming from one cable box?


      Thank you for your help!



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          Hello tpstexas,


          Those are some great questions! I'm glad to hear you are interested in Slingbox. In regards to your questions with the Slingbox:


          1. The Slingbox would need to be connected directly to a Cable Box or Dish Receiver. As long as the Cable Box/Dish Receiver you are connecting to has a Component, Composite or (with the Slingbox 500 only) HDMI connections you can connect the Slingbox to it.
          2. All of our supported Connected Devices are easy to setup and use. You can connect them to any TV in the home or gym that you will want to view Slingbox with. Check out the link below for more information regarding our Connected Devices:



            3.  When it comes to watching different shows at once, it depends on the Cable Box/Dish Receiver tuner. If your current Cable Box/Dish Receiver has a dual tuner then you should be able to view 2 different shows at once. If the Cable Box/Dish Receiver has a single tuner, you will have to view the same show on both TV's. If you are unsure what your Cable Box/Dish Receiver has, contact the Service Provider for additional information. Also Check out the link I have provided in regards to the channels changing on both TV's:



          Hope this clarifies everything for you! Have a great day!


          Thank you,

            The Sling Moderation Team